A downloadable game for Windows

This is rather short game is the first one I ever finished or submitted to a jam.
I would have loved to add more levels, gameplay and enemies but time is a struggle here as most of you probably know yourself, especially when going solo.

So have some fun and give some feedback if you like.


Only playable by keyboard and mouse (didn´t have time for controller)

Movement: WASD
Camera: Mouse
Attack: Left Mouse Button
Dash: Left Shift + Movement Direction
Charge Attack: F


When you found a magic paint brush in an ancient ruin a dark side you didn´t know about before, started crawling from the depth of your soul.

You suddenly perceived an otherworldy quiver as if the fabric of reality had been shaken and looking in a water puddle you stared in your own eyes. Then with a smirk your shadow jumped from the other side into your world.

While you stood there, still paralyzed by the occurence your clone ran off, laughing manically and taking all the colors with him, sucked into the brush in his hands.

Now it´s on you to use the power of the magic paint brush to save the world and conquer your dark side.

All content used was taken from the marketplace or created during the jam by myself.
No content beside the marketplace content was created prior.
For the detailled Name and email adress of the team member, please see the .txt file in the .zip.

The marketplace assets used were:

Paragon Minions
Chameleon Post Process
Mega Game Music Collection
ModularRPG Heroes Polyart
User Interface Kit by Christianos Philippos
and VFX_Toolkit_V1


UE4PackagedGames.zip 446 MB

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