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Here´s my little game for the UE4 Summer Jam 2019!

Count Carl of Goldington needs your help! 
He´s had a little too much wine last friday and a little too much fun with the king´s mistress, so now he is being exciled!!

His "kind" king is giving Carl the chance though to take some of his gold with him into exile. It´s easy.. If you look past those deadly traps and the short time limit.
And of course Carl the rounded count that he is, will  move slower and slide, the more coins he packs. So choose wisely because all those awful traps still wait for you on your way back.

A kind of medieval super market sweep if you will (and if you know that game show).

For the controls:

It´s simple WASD for movement and mouse for the view. 
Space for jumping (longer down hold results in higher jumps) and
Escape to pause and get back to the main menu.

Secure the coins in the cart before the timer runs out .
Coins that you have on you when the timer stops WILL NOT count into your score, so get them all to the cart.

You can see the coins you´ve secured in the cart in the top left of the UI, the timer is in the middle and the coins you´re carrying are in the top right.

You can receive one of 3 medals at the end of each level, based on the number of coins you gathered - mind you, I think getting gold is pretty hard, silver may even be hard in the second level but bronze should be doable.

For time reasons there are only two levels but the second one is quite hard so that hopefully is enough.
There also is an additional tutorial level but it´s not explicitly needed if you have read the above.
It also has been the most buggy and least tested level - so if there are any problems there, just quit to the main menu (Escape) and start with level 1.

If anyone bothered to read this or even downloaded and played the game, I thank you very much and would appreciate any feedback.

If you have epilepsy you might not want to play this as there are a few flashy lights.

All assets. materials etc. have been created by myself during the jam via Unreal, Blender and Substance, except for the following below:

External Assets used:

1. Olde English Font from: https://www.dafont.com/de/olde-english.font

2. T_MacroVariation from the Starter Content

3. The Stair Mesh from the UE4 ThirdPersonTemplate

4. The cinematic drums 3 from: https://www.dl-sounds.com/royalty-free/cinematic-drums3/

5. The textures (and tutorial) from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8Gya38KkJY&t=640s


LWart_Make it, Count Carl!.zip 146 MB

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